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Underwater ship maintenance & repair

• Regular Underwater Ship Maintenance
Ensure vessel integrity and performance with our comprehensive underwater ship maintenance services, tailored to meet your specific needs and schedule.
• Vessel Class Inspection (In-Water Survey/UWILD)
Facilitate compliance with regulatory standards through thorough vessel class inspections conducted underwater, including in-water surveys and underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking (UWILD).
• Damage Survey
Swift and accurate assessment of vessel damage with our specialized damage survey services, enabling prompt repairs and minimizing downtime.
• Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing
Enhance vessel speed, performance, and fuel efficiency with our professional hull cleaning and propeller polishing services, removing fouling and optimizing surface conditions.
• Search and Recovery
Expedite recovery operations with our search and recovery services, retrieving lost chains, anchors, and steel objects to ensure navigational safety and prevent environmental hazards.
• Blanking of Sea Chest
Ensure efficient inboard repairs with our sea chest blanking services, facilitating maintenance operations and minimizing vessel downtime.
• Photo and Video Reporting
Gain comprehensive insights into underwater conditions with our detailed photo and video reporting services, providing visual documentation for accurate assessment and decision-making.

Port repair and construction

• Hydro Construction
From dams to floodgates, trust our expertise in hydro construction projects for reliable and efficient infrastructure development, ensuring environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.
• Berth Construction & Reconstruction
Enhance port infrastructure with our comprehensive berth construction and reconstruction services, optimizing vessel docking facilities and supporting smooth port operations.
• Port and Dock Underwater Structures Repair & Maintenance
Maintain port and dock integrity with our specialized underwater repair and maintenance services, addressing structural issues promptly to ensure safe and efficient vessel operations.
• Underwater Cables Installation
Facilitate reliable communication and power supply with our professional underwater cables installation services, ensuring seamless integration of underwater infrastructure into your operations.
• Stones & Wrecks Removal Works
Ensure navigational safety with our stones and wrecks removal services, clearing obstacles from waterways and port areas to minimize risks and facilitate smooth vessel traffic.
• Welding and Oxy Arc Cutting
Trust our expertise in underwater welding and oxy arc cutting for precise and reliable repairs, ensuring structural integrity and operational continuity in challenging underwater environments.
• Additional Services
In addition to the listed services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your underwater construction and maintenance projects.

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Welcome to Nautilus Divers, your premier choice for expert commercial diving and underwater services specializing in ship maintenance, port development, and fluvial construction. Our skilled team of divers, supervisors, and project managers is equipped to tackle a diverse range of underwater tasks with precision and efficiency.


With roots dating back to 2008, Nautilus Divers boasts extensive experience in conducting commercial diving operations across various maritime environments, from the Arctic to tropical waters. Strategically located in Klaipeda port, Lithuania, we are strategically positioned to serve clients locally and can swiftly mobilize to destinations including Norway, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, and Estonia.


Nautilus Divers offers a comprehensive array of underwater services tailored to the needs of the maritime industry. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned professionals, we excel in delivering solutions to even the most complex challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes for every project

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