Ship repair/maintenance & inspection

  • Hull Cleaning: Ensure optimal vessel performance and safety with our comprehensive hull cleaning services. Algae and barnacles can accumulate on the hull, increasing friction, reducing speed, and escalating fuel consumption. Our expert cleaning restores efficiency and reduces strain on hull and machinery.

  • Propeller Polishing: Overlooked but crucial, propeller surface condition significantly impacts ship performance. Our polishing services optimize propeller efficiency, enhancing overall vessel performance.

  • Propeller Blade Cutting: Restore propeller performance with precision blade cutting services. Whether straightening isn’t viable or balance is compromised, our cutting techniques ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Rudder Repair: From drain plug replacement to rudder flap repair, our rudder repair services address a wide range of issues including hydrodynamic fin repair and cavitation problems, ensuring optimal vessel maneuverability and safety.

  • Underwater Welding/Cutting: Utilizing safe and cost-effective underwater welding techniques, we provide reliable temporary repairs and construction services, staying at the forefront of technology through rigorous testing of new materials and methods.

  • Blanking of Sea Chests/Plugging of Intakes: Assist inboard repairs with our sea chest blanking and intake plugging services, ensuring efficient maintenance and repair operations.

Underwater CCTV class approved inspections

  • Complete Hull Surveys: Conduct thorough hull surveys with our comprehensive inspection services, including still and video color photography documentation for accurate assessment and documentation.

  • Running Gear Inspection: Ensure optimal running gear performance with detailed inspections covering struts, fairwaters, rope guards, and propellers, identifying issues before they escalate.

  • Special Inspections: Catering to specific requests of ship owners, classification inspectors, and insurers, our special inspections ensure compliance with regulatory standards and identify potential risks.

  • Dry-Dock Extension Inspections: Comply with major classification societies’ requirements with our dry-dock extension inspections, facilitating seamless vessel maintenance and repair operations.

  • Underwater Paint/Coating Inspection and Application: Maintain vessel integrity with thorough paint and coating inspections, ensuring effective corrosion protection and prolonging vessel lifespan.

  • ROV Inspection: Deploying state-of-the-art Remote Operated Vehicles, we offer high-quality and rapidly deployable inspection services for pipelines, communication cables, ships, and underwater structures, facilitating efficient maintenance and repair operations.

Port civil engineering

  • Construction and Reconstruction: From dams and harbors to bridge works, our port civil engineering services encompass a wide range of construction and reconstruction projects, ensuring infrastructure integrity and safety.

  • Berth Construction and Maintenance: Ensure efficient vessel docking with our berth construction and maintenance services, optimizing port operations and facilitating smooth vessel traffic.

  • Search and Recovery: Facilitate safe navigation with our search and recovery services, removing obstacles such as stones and wrecks to ensure navigational safety.

  • Gas Pipe Repair/Inspection: Safeguard port infrastructure with our gas pipe repair and inspection services, ensuring compliance with safety standards and preventing potential hazards.

  • Hydromonitor Soil Removal: Facilitate dredging and soil removal operations with our hydromonitor soil removal services, ensuring optimal port infrastructure maintenance and safety.




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